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Customers' Feedback about Flexem's Products

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From Sweden:

I think it looks really nice and gives a really good user experience.

I now really hope that all our customers think the same and the sales will pick up and we soon must order more displays!

A big thank from me and all our developers with everything so far and we really hope for a continued good cooperation in further projects.

A big “Thank You” from Sweden!

Thx for your time and the document .. I will keep you posted .We are working a lot to gain sell

for the moment .. And the displays a nice and our coutomers are liking them :-)

From Bangladesh:

Many potato crackers packing machine uses FLEXEM HMI, I already seen many food industry.

Especially F007 is the best HMI ever I have seen.

Customer very happy to use F007 model.

From Iran:

This time, our customers in field of auto industry use FLEXEM HMI especially 7" economic-HMI.They say that software and using are so easy and amazing. they are keen on get more info
we have many visitors who was interested on HMIs
we also sold HMIs at exhibition
everyperson could test HMIs and see all HMIs closely;
so it was very effective in attracting visitors to the booth and devices
we also attand at "Auto exhibition" in November.

From India:

It’s been a few months since we have been marketing Flexem HMI’s.

We would like to say that we are extremely happy with your products and your willingness to accommodate changes in them. We hope that our journey together will take us to extreme heights.

Thank you for all your support.

From Canada:

We are very impressed, as all the screens we have tried, yours is the best viewing at the lower temperatures. In cold weather the cabinet takes 3 minutes to warm from -25 to 5 deg C.

From Mexico:

Your HMI multitouch works excellent to my automation systems. Will send you some pictures too.

Many thanks for your information.

Believe me, your capacitive HMI are the best that I found.

Im so sure about quallity and excellen operation.

From Columbia:

For the last 2 years, we are working with Flexem industrial HMI and Operator panels products and we are pleased to inform you our highest appreciation and recognition for excellent products and professional service that we encountered in the last 2 years.

Flexem family of HMI and operator panels are excellent addition to AMnetpro product cart, to integrating Flexem products within our industrial projects was easy and straight forward. The hardware was found to be powerful yet flexible. The ability to write scripts and logic within the panel helped us save money and hardware for our clients together with increasing our sales.

As for support both commercial and technical support of Flexem are highly professional, respectful and patient. They were pending to each and every demand we had and we highly appreciate it, it is not that common these days.

Lily we are deeply grateful for your professional work, warm treatment and thank you for the way you handle our account. We hope we grow together with Flexem and have a lot more project together.

From Spain:

by the moment, software is running very well.

I have just tested pass through solution and works fine. HMI is awesome, we are showing to our

clients and trying to sell a lot.

I think that it is a good item, just when you try with it you will get any of them.
Thank you.
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