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2nd " Flexem Cup" Matches

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2nd Flexem Cup matches prize result came out on June 9th. The duration time is 2 months and Flexem received many works from Shanghai University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology ,Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Wuhan Institute of  univeristy etc.

The student's wonderful innovative works impressed  Flexem's professional engineers deeply.

The 1st subject is to design one Electronic organ. Simple mechanical setting with Virtualized software makes lovely children songs. These innovation's prize is taken by the team from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.

Flexem's Cup aims to provide one platform for university students to display the innovation ability and we will continuously hold various activities.

Prize Winnder is as Below:

1st Prize Winners: Liu Yuwei, Yuan Jun, Chen Longlong, Dai Xinzhu from Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.
2nd Prize Winners: Zen Hanhan, Li Chaoyang, Wang Yin from Shanghai University of Technology
3rd Prize Winners: Xu Xiaoyu from Shanghai University of Technology
and Li Hengshan, Wang Shaofeng, Ding Haihai and Wang Chong from Wuhan Software Engineering Institute.