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R&D Center:

R&D department


With 48 employees in R&D department, R&D employees covers 40% of total employees.

All of the R&D employees got at least associate degrees.20 people got postgraduate diplomas.

18 people works for over 10 years in automation industry. 12 people ever worked in global leading enterprises like Schneider, Siemens, Inovance, Hollysystems etc.

With professional knowledge, rich experience, systematic training, advanced technology and great passion, the R&D personnel contributes a lot to the new technology researching, new products designing and worldwide leading technology application.


R&D technology center established in January 2013, and it is made of hardware group, application software group and embedded software group. There are 10 people in hardware group, 10 people in embedded software group, and 28 people in application software group.

One technical director is mainly responsible for the achievement of annual goals, researching and developing direction guiding, personnel management, and researching budget analyzing and calculation. Each group leader is responsible for the group personnel management, tasks planning, work allocation and interdepartmental communication, coordination etc.


Hardware Group is mainly responsible for the design and development of new products including professional and suitable outlook, components quality control, boards suitable layout, ODM and OEM projects, customized projects analyzing and implementing.

Embedded Software Group is mainly responsible for the researching and development of communication software and new software reaching evaluation and execution, including new functions evaluation and adding, bugs and problems checking and maintenance, system and functions upgrading, OEM and ODM software possibility evaluation.

Application Software Group is mainly responsible for the software application evaluation, analyzing, new functions adding, bugs and problems resolving, software upgrading and maintenance, worldwide leading newest software researching and possibility analyzing for the researching and developing.

Location and Size

R&D center is located in Room 804, C6 Building,No.52 Bay Valley Technology Park, Lane 1688 North Guoquan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, with 400m2 area greenness, and superior scientific research and production environment, it can meet the needs of scientific research.

R&D instruments

With most advanced R&D instruments, the products development and trial production, and the inspection of products can be well guaranteed for the smooth technology researching.

Detail list of the R&D instruments and equipment:

1 set of Router H3C MR2610

1 set of Core switch H3C S3600V2

1 set of Layer 2 switches H3C S1024P

1 set of Main server DELL R730

1 set of Test server DELL R720