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Special Controlling System for Surgeries

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* Central controling module for the operation room, ladder diagram/C mixing programing, digital quantity and analog input/output can be customized.

* Infrared touch screen.

* High-speed and high efficient ARM Cortex A8 processor.

* Controlling air-conditioner, light and parameters etc, and indication of the operation time.

* Telephone intercom system is embedded, and dial intercom function of HMI is suppored.

* With audio functon and background music can be displayed.

* Simple and delicate surface designing with aluminum frame.

* Medical paging module can be integrated.

* Full touch or with key pannel can be chosen.


Available sizes are as below:

* 32" Full HD LCD/infrared HMI/32 optical HMI.

* 21.5" capacitive HMI/21.5' Full HD LCD/multi-touch capacitive HMI.

Flexem FE4043E

Flexem F007