Cloud Configuration FServer Operation Manual

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Cloud Configuration

Cloud configuration is one data display terminal form of industrial IOT platform, with intelligent devices connection, it pushes the data to the cloud server and the data from cloud configuration platform can be also got from the cloud server. Millions of data can be displayed simultaneously and the data can be changed from time to time and runs continuously with 7*24 hours. Alt text

Devices Connection

Devices connection is the first step to realize devices cloud platform managing, the data from low layer devices can be got quickly from binding hardware module. Devices running situation is easily monitored through cloud configuration, and you do not need care about the complicated industrial communication and complicated settings of connecting different devices.

Account Setting

FBoxClient account can be related to cloud configuration platform to connect the devices and platform. FBox Client is one setting tool for intelligent devices, and the detailed operation manual can be downloaded through FBox Series Instruction Manual The setting can be chosen in devices center, and you can fill FBox account user name and password to bind the account.

*After the account is binding, all of the FBox binding to cloud configuration will be related to this account, and the original FBox under this account can be bond to the cloud configuration devices too.

Create New Device Model

Industrial devices of similar type is usually with same settings, and we can equip similar devices through creating devices modules. Devices model can be chosen in devices center, click right button to “create new device model”, and input the devices name to finish the creation. Alt text

Cloud Configuration Design

You can do monitoring interface configuration here. Through dragging different components, size and color setting etc, you can relate data variables to finish the self-determined monitoring interface design. The details can be referred toConfiguration Design Explanation